Eco-Friendly Companies and Products I Love and Support

I am an affiliate of an amazing company from Victoria, Canada called Nature Bee. This company produces eco-friendly compostable beeswax food wraps. They help keep food fresh longer, are antibacterial and are a safe alternative  to plastic.  I love that this company is eco friendly, Canadian, and helping to keep our food safe from chemicals and toxins. I use these products regularly and want to provide a 10% discount to all of you! 

Follow the link and use the discount  code to get 10% off your next purchase: 

                      Code: NATUREBEE.     

KOHO Card: My Favourite Way To Spend and Save

This is a company that I absolutely adore! If you are Canadian and looking for a way to save money and stay out of debt KOHO is an amazing option for you.
 They are out of Vancouver and this card functions as a Visa debit card, giving you cash back with every purchase. There are partnerships with many companies that get you deals, and you have various ways to save money. This is the card I use for my personal spending account and I love everything about it. There are no fees unless you join the premium program. I do have an affiliate link for you. So if you chose to use this link you can earn a higher cash back on your purchases.

Referral Code: 40BLY85R

I am an affiliate of and these are some of the products that I have personally purchased and use regularly. I would never recommend a product that I don’t use myself so these are a few of my favourite eco-friendly products I have purchased on Amazon.

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In an effort to reduce my footprint and to support a circular economy, I am doing my to try and avoid purchasing new clothing. As a result, when I have clothes that are still wonderful, but no longer serve my purposes I will list them on here!

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