Journey To The Splits: Week 6

Comparison from Week 1: Week 6 Halfway through the challenge

Alright so my target was the get into the splits in 12 weeks and we are at the halfway point. I am sorry I have been a little slow about posting, I’ve been  behind my posting schedule because I’ve been pretty focused on classes and working on some upcoming projects as well as studying for school. However, I have been good about remembering to take photos!

This week was typical for me, I’m learning to not expect myself to practice the splits everyday. Instead I am now targeting a couple of times a week. That seems more realistic for me to do and I’m not noticing a huge fall in progress to be honest. In all actuality, I find that when i take a couple of days off I actually progress faster!

I have been continuing with the exercises I’ve previously provided, but I’ve also focused more of strength training in the legs as well. Most of that has come from my Pop Up Power Yoga Classes which are 30 minute classes of strength training and cardio. 

If you don’t remember last week I was able to sit in the splits on top of two yoga blocks. I had  made it my goal to get down to one block this week. And with three flexibility sessions this week I made it happen! I’ve graduated to almost sitting completely on one block now, so that means I approximately 3 inches from being in the full splits! 

Now that we are at the half way point and I am seeing progress I am starting to feel a little more motivated, and yet still trying to remind myself to remain patient. I could very well hit a plateau and get stuck where I am for a few weeks, but let’s see what happens!

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