Journey To The Splits: Week 5

So I am a little late posting this, but the material is correct and reflects the changes of Week 5. I found that this week I felt quite tight and that made me less motivated to stretch. In fact I think I only actually did about 2 solid stretching sessions. I had gotten pretty busy with teaching and doing some admin work I had to get done for my website. Plus I have to admit with the hot weather it was a little challenging to get myself motivated to do the stretching work. 

In week 4 I had managed to sit on top of only two blocks and this week I had wanted to see if I could come down a little further. The progress was not much and I am still hovering around that two block mark. I have to keep reminding myself that it takes a lot of time to be able to get into the splits fully.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated that I am not seeing faster progress, but that’s ok. If I need to take longer than the twelve weeks I will. Like everyone else I need to remind myself that yoga isn’t about the destination, but it is about the progress that you make along the way. Since starting the splits challenge I have noticed other poses are becoming more accessible and I am also feeling stronger in my lower body!  

Mostly I haven’t been adding too many new poses to my routine, so I would suggest just sticking with the ones I have previously posted for the time being! When I start doing some new ones I will let ya’ll know! 

That’s all for today folks. Stay healthy and bendy!

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