Journey To The Splits: Week 4

So this week I was a little shocked. I thought the week had been a complete write off. I literally stretched once and was so busy teaching that I didn’t actually do my own practice at all.

 I got caught up in admin work, like building and designing a site to sell recorded videos which you can find here. I was researching and finding equipment for better audio quality, teaching extra private classes and preparing new classes. I thought the week was a complete write off in terms of my own progress.
However, I actually went the deepest I have yet into the splits. I am now sitting on top of two blocks with no pressure on the hands. 

I guess this is a rather yogic lesson, that sometimes life gets in the way, but if you always come back to the mat and work the body, it will all come back. Perhaps even a break is good, I did feel stronger and more recovered after the time off. 

Anyway, here are the poses I’ve been focusing on this week! Tried and true, here they are for you!

1. Warrior 1

Keeping the front knee at a 90 degree angle sink downwards, and keep the back leg straight. Turn the hips to face the front of the room so they are in an even line. Life upwards from the core and raise the hands above the head. Keep the chin parallel to the floor. Hold for 20-30 Seconds and repeat 3 times per leg.

2.Warrior 2

Moving out of your warrior 1 pose, rotate the back foot to 45 degrees. Keep the back leg straight and sink into the front hip. Rotate the shoulder so the arms are in a straight line over the hips. Turn your chin to look over your front fingertips. Keep the shoulders down and don’t hunch. Keep the spine straight. 
Hold this posture for 20-30 seconds and repeat 2 times per leg.

3. Warrior 3

From your warrior 1 position step the back foot in slightly. Keep both legs squeezing inwards to the middle line of the body. Engage the abs, keeping the spine straight and start to move the upper body forward. Keep the arms in line with the ears and lift the back leg off of the floor. Keep the back leg straight reaching the heel to the back of the room and fingertips reaching toward the front. Hold for as long as possible and repeat 3 times per leg.

By the way, if you guys are interested in trying out a yoga nidra practice from home, check out my link below! The practice is meant to help you sleep better and restore the body from a deep meditation. 

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