Journey To The Splits: Week 3

How Did My Week 2 Go?

This week was a bit of a struggle in terms of maintain the motivation to stretch. I think this week I got only 3-4 solid practices in.

To be fair I was quite busy this week preparing new classes, and projects…. and I was outside on the paddle board goofing around quite a bit. But such is life. I found myself getting frustrated as I seemingly  had met a plateau. It didn’t seem to matter how deep I tried to get in the postures, I always seemed to get stuck at one place when attempting the splits. 

However, I keep reminding myself that plateaus are inevitable. Over time, and with practice I should eventually be able to get past them. 

Fortunately by the end of the week I was able to gets my hands on the ground without blocks and I was able to sit up on two blocks. Next week, my goal will be to sit up tall, then work on removing one of the blocks! So I guess there was some progress!

1. Crescent Lunge/High Lunge Regular & Revolved

Starting in low lunge with your back knee on the ground place the hands on the hips and raise the back leg off of the ground. Keep the front knee at a 90 degree angle, making sure that the knee does not go past the ankle. Push the glute of the back leg forward stretching the hip flexor. Stay in the position for a few breaths then rotate the shoulders in the direction of the front leg. Keep the chest up and try to get the shoulders in line with one another. 

Stay for a few breaths then reverse and come out of the posture. Repeat 3-5 times.

2.Side Angle Pose

Returning to the lunge  (back foot facing out 45 degrees) move a little deeper into the posture by rotating the top shoulder up towards the sky and bringing the other hand to the inside of the front leg. Try to sink deeper and keep the shoulders in one line. Straighten the upper arm and extend it  overhead keeping the tricep close to the face. Look up at the sky. Maintain this posture for 20-30 seconds breathing deeply and repeat on both sides 3-5 times.

3. Revolved Side Angle Pose

This posture is very similar to the side angle pose. The difference is that you rotate the upper body so the opposite shoulder of the lead leg crosses the leg. If you can’t keep your hands in prayer feel free to drop the bottom hand to the outside of the lead leg. Rotate the top arm up to the sky and try to keep the shoulders in line. 

4.Half Frog Pose

Laying on your stomach keep your legs spread about hip width apart, reach back and gently hold onto the top of one of the feet. Gently draw the foot close to the glute. Make sure your legs are spread at least hip distance apart. Do not torque the knee. You should feel this pose in the thigh muscle. If you feel any sensation in the knee, exit the pose immediately.  I repeat YOU SHOULD NOT FEEL THIS IN THE KNEE. Just go as far as your body allows you to, don’t force anything. 
Stay here for approximately 20-30 seconds. Repeat 3 X on both legs. 

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