Journey To The Splits Challenge

What is the 12 Week Splits Challenge?

I will be attempting to build the strength, stamina and flexibility to achieve the splits over a 12 week period and would like to invite you to join me on my journey.

I will post the exercises and techniques I am using weekly for you to follow along on your own.

The twelve week period is just  a target to keep us motivated. If we (myself included) can’t achieve the full splits in 12 weeks it is not failure. It just means the body needs more time and we need to accept this gracefully, patiently and with respect to our own bodies and our own limitations. 

Why Do The Splits Challenge?

I am someone who has incredibly tight legs and hips. I have always wanted to explore more challenging postures but I find my inflexibility is a limitation and sometimes prevents me from doing so. Like anyone, when I struggle with something I don’t like to do it. Having a challenge with target deadline is forcing me to stretch daily and really increase my flexibility. The splits are a difficult posture which forces you to work on all areas of the body. Plus they are just really cool, and a kind of an amazing feat to conquer!

If you are like me, and need to have a goal to stay motivated and have something to work toward, the split challenge is perfect for you! 


1. Never push yourself deeper into the posture than what your body allows. The goal is to increase flexibility and strength over an extended period of time. We never force ourselves into a posture before the body is ready.

2. If you are feeling pain, or sustaining injury, take a break and wait until you are fully healed with your doctors approval before trying again. 

3. Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all on our own journey and the timeline is just a target to keep us motivated. It may not be possible to achieve the splits in 3 months. It may take longer, and that is ok! 

4. Try to stretch daily, ideally every morning and every night. The splits take time, dedication, commitment and persistence.  It is not meant to be easy. 

5. Don’t get frustrated. It is a challenging posture, be respectful of your body and limitations. Keep working at it, overtime the body will open up with consistency. 

6. Try to take weekly photos so you can view your progress. This can be incredibly motivating, even if the changes are minor. Do your best to upload the photos to the facebook group and on instagram tagging #12weeksplitchallenge and @aimee.anne_

7. Ask questions, and join the online classes if possible. On the free Thursday night yoga I often do live demonstrations of the postures. Also check out the facebook group, Yoga With Aimee Anne, I may do some pop up live classes and tutorials. 

How Does It Work?

Currently I am not able to achieve the splits. My goal is document my journey and share my weekly training with you. 
I will post a series of postures and exercises, weekly and you can follow along in the facebook group and on Instagram. Each week I will implement additional postures that I am working on to build us up to the splits.

If you are interested in joining me on my journey to the splits, click here to see what I’ve been working on in Week 1.

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