As many of you know one of my favourite things to do is combine food with photoshoots. So what better place is there than C27 Cafe in Seoul? The cafe is filled with 27 variations of cheesecake and the place is a treasure trove in terms of places to take photos.

My friend, and fellow traveler, Adva went down there one afternoon and enjoyed some of the most decadent cheesecake either of us had experienced. We previously visited  Ho Ho Myeol and Share d’tables so our expectations were pretty high.

Thankfully we were not disappointed by the cafe. The ambiance, deserts, and overall environment were absolutely superb. After sampling some cakes we concluded that the Earl Gray cake is exceptionally delicious. It is light and fluffy, and yet somehow manages to maintain the perfect density of a cheesecake.

After we enjoyed our cakes it was time to take advantage of the brilliant rooms throughout the cafe. There are three floors and each floor has a different vibe and different decor. Of course, you cannot use the cafe for commercial photography, but you are able to take photos around the cafe.

Some rooms are full of large leather chairs, reminiscent of men’s game rooms in the 1920’s. Other rooms boast chandeliers and vintage decor. The walls vary in texture and colour ranging from rustic reds and soft floral wallpaper. The lighting is perfect and the design creates an awesome setting.

If you love cheesecake, beautiful cafes, or are interested in getting some awesome pictures for Instagram or your portfolio this place is the place to go!

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