On July 15, we held our first open shoot collaboration between models and photographers at Dongdaemun Plaza in Seoul. It was a really wonderful day, despite the terrible weather. In addition, we had a fantastic group of both photographers and models. I worked with all the models but spent quite a bit of time with a pair of models who were an absolute delight to work with.

Sid and Jay have been friends for several years and knew each other even before they came to Korea. I really enjoyed photographing the two of them because, in all honesty, they were just way too much fun. The whole session we were laughing and trying new things out.

For me, I love photographing in a relaxed and fun environment because it allows for me to capture the personality of my subjects and highlight the unique things I see in them. Something that has always drawn me to photography is being able to look at an ordinary moment in time and find beauty. I truly believe that anything you look at is beautiful, it just depends on how you look at it! Perspective is everything and being able to capture those genuine and fleeting moments means the world to me.

Sid is relatively new to modeling, but she has a real beauty about her that the camera loves. Not only is she beautiful on the outside but she has a beautiful personality. She is always smiling, open to new ideas and a joy to work with. I was really impressed with the shots we got.

Jay is an experienced model, he is handsome, fun, goofy, supportive and has almost no bad shots. He not only connected with me and my camera, but he supported his friend by giving her posing suggestions and making her laugh constantly. Jay’s experience really shines through on camera, he has a way of knowing exactly how to pose, and I found him really easy to read, he seemed to be able to adjust to whatever I was thinking even without a word being said!

Having a shoot with the two of these personalities together was like striking gold. They’re genuine friendship, care for one another, and love of fun was undeniable which made it easy to catch on camera. As a photographer, there is nothing I love more than to catch those moments of affection and appreciation my subjects have for each other.

Sid and Jay Sid and Jay Sid and Jay Sid and Jay Sid and Jay Sid and JaySid and Jay Sid and Jay Sid and Jay Sid and Jay

Location and Models from the Shoot

Jamarian Bridges: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamarianb/?hl=en
Sid Mathew: https://www.instagram.com/dezimodel/?hl=en
Dongdaemun Wall/ Heunginjimun