Being that I am back in Canada, and working for myself, I have ample time to look for interesting things. I spent the last five years in Seoul, a concrete jungle, and decided I wanted to spend time outdoors. I made a pact to be outdoors and exercise every day if I can.

In order to fit my criteria, I needed to explore a new place, I needed to be outdoors, and I needed to exercise. So, I went to check out Frontenac Park for some trekking. I had not visited the park since I was a small child, so I knew it was the perfect place.

The park is not far from Sydenham and is pretty easy to get to. The cost is about $15,00 and the park is really pretty. I arrived early in the morning and paid the fee through the self-check-in.

The Doe Lake Loop trail is the easiest trail in the park. It is only 3.5km and circles two lakes, one is Otter Lake. There are several benches dotting the path for you to sit and overlook the lakes below. In the morning it was quite cold, so I began snowshoeing because the snow was hard packed. However, I took my time taking photos, so as the sun rose, the snow started to melt and the rocks revealed themselves. After a while, the rocks were too difficult to walk over on snowshoes so I switched back to hiking.

The air was really fresh and the trail was beautiful. I saw several animals, an old mica mine, and broken down shack, and the picturesque frozen lake. If I was not taking so many photos I could have finished the trek in less than an hour. However, I took my time and really enjoyed it.

Overall, it was an excellent way to spend a few hours outdoors. There were almost no people at the park, so I was able to enjoy the calm and quiet. It felt really nice to get some exercise and see the pretty scenery. If you get an opportunity I highly recommend the Doe Lake Loop for a nice easy trek through the woods.

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