Well, I think I have reached the status of full fledge café crusader. I’m hooked bait, line, and sinker. In order to keep myself occupied and out of trouble I am trying to find a new place to explore every day. Recently, I have an obsession with industrial style cafes and while stumbling around Mapo last night I discovered a seriously interesting café that rivaled the uniqueness of the Daelim Warehouse Cafe  I discovered not too long ago.

The café is called Anthracite and it is an old shoe factory that has been converted into a café.
The building dates back to 1910, and it is really interesting. It has an old, gritty broken down vibe, but its atmosphere is perfectly balanced by the modern coffee bar set up.

In fact, you order from the staff behind the old conveyer belt; it’s vintage and super cool! The rest of the café is decorated like a factory, with wooden chairs and fold up tables scattered around.

If you go upstairs there is a really cool lounge with sofas and tables scattered about. The lighting is low, so the room is quite dim, but in my opinion, that adds to the ambiance. The building has condemned look, but it is modernized and everything is properly enforced. There are a few holes throughout old walls that once separated former rooms.

Being someone who really enjoys history, and looking at old buildings I thought this was a really cool concept. The mood, the setup, the history were all fascinating to me, even the lemon tea I sampled was on point! It was also a really nice way to escape the cold spend an evening sipping on your favourite beverage while enjoying an interesting atmosphere.

Further Information About the Cafe
Open Daily 11:00 A.M – 12:00 A.M
Nearest Subway: Hapjeong Exit 7