I am never at a loss of ideas for things to do in Seoul. Mostly I find myself cruising the cafe scene because the cafes here are amazing. At home, most of our cafes in Canada are pretty generic, so I love the variety here.
Tonight, my friend Matthew and I discovered Peach Gray Cafe in Gagnam. We both loved this cafe because it was so darn cute and really fun as well.

The cafe is located in the back streets, behind all the excitement of Gagnam. So if you didn’t know what you were looking for, you may not even discover it. Peach Gray is a cafe, and you can also paint there! When I read about it, I knew I had to check it out. When you enter, you order you drinks and the staff provides you with some sheets of paper and watercolors.

In addition to the watercolor paints, there are fine tip pen brushes that you use to paint with. Unless you are me, and extremely clumsy you should be able to stay pretty clean of paint. There are also some instruction books that you can follow if you want to pain something special.

The drinks at the cafe are also really good. They have so many variations, and they look fancy, too. Matthew ordered a strawberry concoction and I order a lemon ginger tea, both were delicious.

We both though the cafe was really impressive and we had so much fun there. It’s safe to say that neither or us will ever become professional painters, but it was a really fun way to do something new and unique.

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