As many of you know, I really like winter, I like being outdoors, I like animals, history, and I like snow. I am also Canadian. So what activity makes sense to do while in Canada? You got it dog sledding. Dog sledding has been a traditional way of transportation for both aboriginals and non-natives alike. So, of course, I was interested in experiencing it for myself.

While my friend, Anne Marie and I were on our Quebec City trip we decided to try out dog sledding. I had made a reservation for us and we left our hostel around 10 am and drove to the countryside. When we arrived we checked into the lodge. They were running slightly behind schedule so they told us that while we waited we could go and play with the dogs and puppies. Anne Marie and I were in heaven. Huskies are my favourite dogs and someday I want to own one, no matter how much they shed their fur! The dogs were so friendly and so beautiful. We played with them for about 1 hour, which was a wonderful time. Unfortunately, the puppies were all sleeping when we visited them so we couldn’t play with them much.

Once we were ready to hit the trails we had a briefing with the guide on how to control the dogs and sled. We also put on the snow pants that are available to borrow from the front desk. If you decide to go dog-sledding I really recommend you borrow from them or bring your own because the temperature is usually sub-zero and the wind makes it even colder. Then we met our dog team.

To begin Anne Marie rode in the sled and I was driving. It was such a rush! They take you on a trail through the forest and you are surrounded by evergreen trees. It is so beautiful. The snow is pristine white, the trees are green and the air is fresh. The dogs can get the sled going pretty fast and the cold wind blowing through your hair feels incredible. I was hooked, I loved it. When it was Anne Marie’s turn to drive I took some photos of the landscape. The whole trip lasted just over an hour and by the time it was over we were a little cold and enjoyed some hot chocolate to warm up.

Dog sledding is such a quintessentially Canadian thing to do. If you are in Canada I would really encourage you to give it a try. Just make sure you dress really, really warm! dog sledding Dog Sledding Dog Sledding Dog Sledding Dog Sledding Dog Sledding Dog Sledding Dog Sledding Dog Sledding Dog Sledding Dog Sledding Dog Sledding

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