There are so many interesting places to go in Seoul. I am always cruising the city looking for new and interesting places to conduct my photography work. Usually, my friend Jennifer and I bounce from location to location checking things out and goofing off. After I find a place I like I usually bring a model back to the area to work some magic.

This week Jennifer and I came across Seoul Oil Tank Culture Park.

Initially, the area housed an industrial facility housing petroleum but was transformed into a culture and art park. The park was strictly forbidden from the public for the last 41 years, but in September 2017 it opened to the public. Today it is an eco-friendly culture space featuring festivals and concerts.

If you are like me and are interested in industrial spaces this place is for you. The colours, the grittiness in combination with the grass and trees create an interesting background. In addition, the fact that the area was forbidden makes it even more appealing.

The park is free to enter and there are a couple of old takers you can check out. The largest one is now a cafe, restaurant and performance hall. The second one is on the top of a small hill and you can walk inside to take a view. The third on was our favorite; a giant, empty tanker and you can go inside. It is dark but fluorescent lights allow you to see. It is an incredible echo chamber. I’m not going to lie… we may have spent some time in there belting out Whitney Houston. This tanker is also really interesting for photos. Once I have my flash I would love to return there to do some work.

The third tanker consists of video explaining the history and use of the park. There are a few seats available and it’s pretty informative.

It is an interesting place, and it has potential to be pretty great for photo shoots. I see myself returning here to conduct some of my professional work.

Oil Tanker Oil Tanker Oil Tanker Oil Tanker Oil Tanker Oil Tanker Oil Tanker Oil Tank Oil Tanker Oil Tanker Oil Tanker Oil Tank Oil Tanker More Information About Oil Tank Culture Park Open Daily 9:00 A.M – 6:00 P.M Websie: