I met a lovely group of travelers from all over the world  when I went to the Garden of Morning. One of the girls I became friends with hails from Israel and we share a mutual love of cafe hunting.

So far we have experienced the Stylynada Pink Pool Cafe, the Van Cafe and now the Lego cafe. We agreed to meet after I finished work one evening and headed to check out the Get & Show Lego Cafe.

The cafe is located in the heart of Hongdae and it is also attached to a VR cafe. When you go inside you can see shelves of Lego boxes and figurines dotting the walls. You have the option of purchasing packages, where you can combine the VR experience with Lego building and a coffee.

Neither or us are really interested in Lego, as we were more there for the novelty of the experience. We had considered purchasing ten minutes of the VR experience but decided against it.

The cafe was interesting. And for people who love Lego I can see how they would enjoy it. You can rent sets for a specified amount of time and you can build whatever your heart desires.

I think Adva and I were both expecting the cafe to have more figurines or things actually built out of Lego so we were slightly disapointed. None the less, the lemon tea was delicious and we sipped on that while we contemplated the next cafe we would visit.

Overall the Lego cafe is an interesting idea, and I think for people who are avid builders or really into VR it may have been more enjoyable. Adva and I liked the concept but we were a little disapointed by the cafe itself, but thats the way the cookie crumbles. There are many, many more cafes that we enjoyed more.

More Information About the Get and Show Lego Café.
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