I am a photographer, as well as a general photo enthusiast. I love taking photos and looking at photos, and I enjoy looking at different styles. Obviously, I love to shoot photos myself, but I also enjoy working with other photographers from time to time. I’m not a model, and I have no desire to be one again but from occasionally I’ll get in front of the camera. When I admire the work of a photographer, I like to try and work with them. I don’t believe photography should be a game of competition, but rather one of mutual elevation.

I’m also not above learning from my peers. Last week I was lucky enough to collaborate with Kyung Jin Park, a local photographer here in Seoul. I really admire her style. She has a genuine approach to photography and captures truthful images which I enjoy. Her images are dreamy and sometimes whimsical, and she captures personality well. I do enjoy posed images from time to time, but there is something special about a photographer who can capture genuine and fleeting moments.

When you work with Bella she will let you lead the way but gives subtle direction to make the photos look better. She has a vision of what she wants and is quick to make it materialize. She is also encouraging, and fun, which is extremely important to be a photographer.

I was really happy with my shoot with her. I loved the softness she added to our images and her subtle approach. For anyone who is looking for a talented photographer who is fun with a genuine approach, Kyung Jin is your girl!

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