After our slightly disappointing experience at the lego cafe, Adva and I decided to look for a second cafe that may lift our spirits a little. We were close to Sangsu station so there would be several options available for us. As we were wandering we came across a tiny little cafe called HoHo Myoll. It is a unique cafe with its theme crossing somewhere between 1960’s hippie and 1920’s jazz eras.

We were first attracted to this cafe because we saw the giant minivan parked inside the cafe near the entrance. As it turns out the minivan has actually been converted to have a table inside for you to sit at. The whole cafe, in general, is eclectic with various trinkets and decorations dotting the shelves. There are antique coffee presses and musical instruments scattered about which adds to the uniqueness of the cafe.

The barista/owner of the cafe is equally entertaining as he wears black suspenders, a white shirt, and a black hat. He looked as though he could have stepped off of the stage at the local jazz club. Nonetheless, he is friendly and greeted us with a big smile. Also, he is very knowledgeable about coffee and made us excellent recommendations. We ordered a couple of lattes and a piece of oreo cake and headed to the back of the cafe.

There are several tables scattered around but we opted to sit in a nook in the corner. The floor is heated and there are pillows and blankets for you to use as well. There is a second level which you can climb a ladder to reach, but we decided to stay on the bottom level, on account of the floor heating and general convenience.

The cake and lattes were delicious and we enjoyed our experience at this cafe. It was just so eclectic, random but cozy and cute all at the same time. The owner was also nice and eager to tell us about his cafe. The cafe was definitely one of my favorites and I will definitely be returning in the future.

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