Seoul seems to have a real interest in Lego. So much so, that there is a Lego cafe, and now a Lego burger restaurant.

Matthew and I were in Hongdae the other evening when we saw The Block Burger Restaurant. The Lego Figurine and the Lego-inspired decorations caught our attention from across the street.

Upon further investigation, we realized that the shop serves burgers in the shape and colours of Lego blocks. The concept originated in the Philippines and has surfaced now in Seoul.

We decided to go in and give it a try. The inside is complete with Lego decorations, figurines bright yellow walls and even a Lego card machine. The shop was really, really tiny and is full of people.  There were so many people when we were there it was hard to move!

There are some stools available for you to sit on, but I am under the impression most people get takeout, given that the place is so small.

In terms of burgers, there are three main options, a standard cheeseburger, a bulgogi burger, and a jalapeno burger. You can also order a side of fries, plain or with chili cheese.

The burgers are quite koreanized, and the bulgogi burger is a little too sweet for my taste and the chili fries were a little too ‘tomatoey’. However, the bread is delicious and the unique concept and novelty make up for it.

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