Something that I love about Seoul is the abundance of “Creative Randomness.” In fact, Seoul is so random that it actually perfected it as an art form and if you’re like me, you love it. There is always somewhere interesting to explore, whether it be the Alice in Wonderland Cafe or the new Bed Cafe. I am never bored in this city, and there are always new places to find like Common Ground.

Although recently I seem to specialize in cafe hunting, I am trying to expand my adventures and discover new places that are just as cool. My recent expedition led me to Common Ground, which is a mall that is constructed out of shipping containers.

This place is very cool, it is trendy, hip, artistic and an awesome place where the youth seem to congregate.  The outside has an area outdoor vendors can set up shop selling all kinds of goodies.

In addition to the temporary vendors, there is a permanent vendor in the center who serves beer and other snacks out of two large minivans.You can even enjoy your snacks outsides while sitting on beer barrel stools.

There are year-round Christmas lights sloping down from the top of the shipping containers to the central vendor in a circus-like fashion.  Furthermore, the inside is just as cool as the outside with vendors selling vintage records, and stores boasting the latest fashions trends. There are also several accessory shops so you can be sure to stay up to date with current trends.

On the top level of the mall, you can walk from shipping container to shipping container. There are several cafes, restaurants and dessert shops for you to sit inside and have some snacks at. Jennifer and I decided to stop for some cake at Dore Dore Cake shop before we began snapping our photos.


Further Information on Common Ground
Open Daily 11:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M
200 Achasan-ro, Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul