This past weekend I was able to work with a new model, So Jin. She is relatively new to modeling but has a natural talent for it and she is really good! So Jin is from Thailand and moved to Korea for work and she models in her free time.

We decided to meet up and head to Incheon’s China town, we thought it would be fun to tour around and check out the sites while we added a mini shoot. You can learn more about that experience here. In addition to being a great model, So Jin is also quite fashionable. Since she was wearing a lovely outfit with dark tones with pops of color. I wanted to photograph her in an area with a lively background to showcase her fun personality and cute outfit.

Incheon’s China town has some really great locations for shooting, but for this shoot, I thought the fairy tale village would be perfect. There are several bright and colorful murals and drawings that would compliment So Jin’s look.

So Jin and I didn’t really pre-plan for the shoot, it was kind of a last minute idea but it worked out great! Before we started shooting we had a cup of tea and chatted. So Jin expressed the desire to have some varying looks and concepts for her portfolio, which I agreed would be a great idea.

So Jin is tall, slender, fashionable and she has a very sexy look about her. I decided to soften the images by using my 50mm prime lens. My desire was to give So Jin some nice feminine shots that showcase her natural beauty and fun personality. I tried to look for backgrounds that complimented her outfit, but yet added just the right amount of contrast.

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