I can’t believe that the Olympics are only three weeks away now. They came up so fast and Jennifer and I are scrambling to prepare. Although we are disorganized in terms of gathering paraphernalia we are quite good at sniffing out the Olympic events.  Well… maybe are actually just lucky to be at the right place at the right time. So far we’ve managed to see the arrival of the torch, and I attended the Imjin Classic in Paju.

One night we found ourselves at the Cheonggyecheon stream during the Olympic Light show. The Cheonggyecheon stream runs through the center of Seoul and has long walkways lining the water. Every few months the city hosts light shows or lantern festivals. And this time it was the Olympic light show.  The stream is always the perfect place to take an evening stroll and enjoy the lanterns and floats.

The Olympic committee designed floats and lanterns that highlight aspects of Korean culture, food, and history. And of course, it wouldn’t be Korean if there were no random animation characters. There are floats that showcase foreign countries. Our favourite part of the show was the adorable mascots. They were toward the end of the stream and depict the various sports of the winter games.

As usual, Jennifer and I dilly-dallied and took much longer than the average person. You could say we were just very interested in the lights. However, it is more likely that we got carried away messing around with the camera again. Unfortunately, since it was nighttime, many of those photos didn’t turn out.

Walking along the stream and seeing the events added to our excitement. We are particularly enthusiastic about the hockey games. We’ll have our game faces on for sure.

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