I know a lot of bloggers and photographers are into the blogmas thing, I thought about it, but let’s be honest, I’m kind of lazy. The idea of exploring a new place everyday sounds awesome, but the prep work and writing and editing photos every day can be a lot to take on. Nevertheless, I find that around Christmas time I’m always busy. Whether that be visiting cafes, seeing Christmas light or whatever.

One quintessential Christmas thing I did do was attend the Nutcracker. Can you believe that my first time experiencing it was in Seoul, South Korea? My co-workers and I were cruising Interpark, a website where you can buy tickets for events when we saw tickets for the Nutcracker on sale. We thought why not and decided to go.
The show is held near Children’s Grand Park, and the venue is beautiful and there are Christmas lights everywhere. The theatre is very nice as well. We probably spend a good half hour outside taking photos before the show.

We bought the cheap tickets so we were sitting up in the peanut gallery…. how fitting right? It was a little difficult to see the stage perfectly because we were sitting up so high and off to the sides, and the seats are a little awkward, but it was fun anyway.
The experience was really interesting the ballerina’s pranced around gracefully telling the story through music and dance. There was a brief intermission where you could go outside and purchase some drinks and food.

Although I don’t know a lot about ballet, I thought the performance was pretty nice. It was interesting to see the play, and finally be able to say I’d experienced it.

More Information About the Nutcracker in Korea
Ticket Purchase: http://ticket.interpark.com/