On my last adventure, I visited Gapyeong to see the Garden of Morning Calm Christmas Light Festival which you can read about here. However, on the way to the Garden, I stopped off at Korea’s Petite France for about an hour.

The village is not far from Nami-island and is decorated in the southern French style. There are 16 buildings, a memorial hall dedicated to Saint-Exupery, the creator of The Little Prince, an Orgal house, and some galleries depicting artwork. There is also a section dedicated purely to French marionettes. The village is tiny but charming and it is the shooting location for several K-Dramas. In fact, the town boasts a section highlighting all of the K-Drama’s that were shot there. You can see several photos of your favourite stars poses in the various locations around the village.

The village itself is cute, especially with the Christmas lights. The idea of exploring French culture within Korea was interesting to me. However, I was unimpressed with the fact that they did not have any French Cuisine. The entire town is dedicated to only to Saint-Exupery and only Korean food is served. I found the town to be slightly superficial and not really representative of the French culture.

The town itself was charming, but it was small and not really the greatest cultural experience. I was there for roughly an hour and that was enough for me. However, if you are on your way to Nami Island, or to the Garden of Morning Calm it does make for a nice stop to have a rest and stretch your legs. It does also serve as a nice backdrop if you are into doing a mini photo session on your way.

Further Information About Petite France
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