I took a break from the cafe hunt this weekend and I decided to visit some historical site. Upon further research, I discovered one of Seoul’s newest landmarks, Seoul Battleship Park. The park is located on the Han river near the Mangwon district and consists of a battleship, a convoy, a high-speed boat, and a submarine.The park is quite small, so if you are the exact opposite of Jennifer and I you could finish the park in less than an hour. However, Jennifer and I always tend to get a little distracted… As a matter of fact, we were at the park exploring, learning about the site and just generally goofing off for over two hours.

The entrance fee is 3,000 won and you purchase your tickets from a machine in front of the museum. After scanning your wristband you are free to explore the park. The museum provides a great deal of information on the history of the vessels and their use in the Korean War, so we started there.

We later moved on to explore the ship attached to the museum and then the submarine. It was really interesting to see the inside of these ships because usually, they are not accessible to the public. After we had read everything in the museum it was time to do what we do best, mess around with the camera.

We always manage to explore new places but spend an absurd amount of time taking photos. In fact, this location was so interesting that I would love to conduct a shoot here in the future. The main ship is huge and has a ton of rooms, whether those are quarters, command rooms, or the control room.  We were having so much fun that the police stopped in to say hello, they waved, gave us a thumbs up, smiled and returned to duties. In fact, an elderly Korean man who was also exploring the ship couldn’t get enough of our antics. He kept walking by, giving us a huge smile and a wave. He was incredibly excited by the fact that we were taking such interest in this aspect of Korean history.

After we had spent a good 20 minutes re-enacting several scenes from the Titanic movie, we decided we had enough. We had a really nice time exploring the ship and learning about the history of the Han river,  the vessels, and marine technology. In addition, the battleship, the park in general, and the giant propellers outside made an excellent location for shooting. It’s likely I will return here to do some of my real photography work.

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More Information about Seoul Battleship Park
• Address
03954  407 Maponaru-gil (Mangwon-dong, 7-11 Convenience Store), Mapo-gu, Seoul
• Phone
• Fax
• Website
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• Hours of Operation
– March to Oct. : 10:00-20:00
– Nov. to Feb. : 10:00-17:00
• Holidays
Closed Mondays, Jan. 1, and Lunar New Year’s Day
• Days of Operation
• Fee
– Children (6-12 yrs.) : 1,000 won
– Youth (13-18 yrs.) : 2,000 won
– Adult ( 19 yrs. and older) : 3,000 won
* Group ticketing (20 people or more) : 30% discount