These days it seems that the industrial style café is trending and really prominent in Seoul. And I love it. I really like these cafes, like Cafe Onion and Daelim Cafe, because they are usually old buildings with an interesting history. They are so unique with different textures, colors, and overall feel.

Recently Jennifer and I were on a hunt when we came across Café Onion. It is located in the Seongsu district, not too far from the Daelim café, I visited recently. As a photographer, I instantly fell in love with this café. It is an old warehouse and factory so the walls are concrete and with various textures. Everything about the cafe is gray and dark, with hints of color popping out.

There are a courtyard and rooftop which also caught my eye. The courtyard is almost Romanesque, in the middle, there are separate rooms for you to enjoy intimate conversation while you sip your coffee. There are several plants and decorations outside as well and various colours of lights allow for you to create some really interesting images. The half tore down walls add to the unique feel of the café and add depth and interest to your photos.

The café itself is also really good. They have a variety of bread and other baked good from the bakery that is located on the rooftop patio. I enjoyed a green tea latte with some cake Jennifer and I shared. Their cakes are soft and sweet and are quite enjoyable. They also have an array of sandwiches and other snacks if you aren’t into eating something sweet. Their lattes are exceptional and according to Jennifer, they brew their coffee very well, too.

Jennifer and I both really enjoyed this cafe.  I particularly enjoyed this place and I intend on bringing some models here at some point to conduct a proper shoot.

Further Information about Cafe Onion
Open Daily 8:00 A.M – 10:00 P.M
Cafe Onion Website: