Winter is absolutely my favorite season for many reasons. I actually enjoy the cold, because it usually means the air is fresh and crisp. Even when you breathe you even feel cleaner inside. And I really love snow, especially when it crunches underneath your feet when you walk. However, one of the biggest point about winter I love is the fashion. I have always been a huge fan of giant cozy sweaters, like today’s Champeaux sweater,  in addition to layers, big scarves and coats.

When you live in cold climates in places like Canada or South Korea, where the temperature can drop well below zero, it’s important to dress warmly. I find that one of the best materials to stay warm and cozy in is wool. Wool is great for a couple of reasons first, wool traps air between the fibers creating pockets of air which act as an insulator. Secondly, wool is a natural fiber and dries very quickly if it gets wet.

This year I fell in love with Aritzia’s Champeaux Sweater. The Champeaux sweater is made from high-quality Italian Merino wool. The wool has not been processed so it is super soft. The knit is tight and it has a beautiful cable knit design which is great to wear for all occasions. The quality of the wool and the tight-knit means that the sweater will not lose shape.

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Wilfred Champeaux Sweater