Seoul’s creativity when it comes to cafes has no boundaries. I seriously can’t even imagine where the cafe adventures will end for me because it seems as though the list of unique cafes is endless. This week my friend, Sid informed of a new bed cafe called Melting Pom. How awesome is that? Combining beds with cafes. Genius! It’s the perfect place to lounge around in comfort while you gab with friends.

Sid and I had also previously checked out the awesome Dinga House Shop so our expectations were rather high and Melting Pom delivered. The cafe is not far from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and the cafe is bright, colorful and full of unicorn and rainbow decorations. There are also cute stuffed animals dotting the shelves, overlooking you while you enjoy your beverage and snacks.

When we were ready to place our order the barista informed us that we are able to roll the two large die on the counter. If we got two matching numbers we would get a discount on our drinks. Unfortunately, neither of us were successful in that venture, but we thought it was a nice way to kick off our cafe experience.

There is a wide selection of lattes, coffees, smoothies for you to select from. I decided to go with the Pom Latte which is a latte topped off with whipping cream and caramel popcorn. I never thought of combining popcorn with a latte, but then again this cafe seems to be a unicorn world of magicalness so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Sid and I also ordered the rainbow and S’mores toast. The Rainbow toast consists of colourful cream cheese decorated as a rainbow and the S’mores consists of honey, marshmallows, and  Nutella.  We rated the snacks as an A for creativity and decor… and we gave them an A for attempting to do S’mores correctly. Regardless it was still a nice treat to enjoy our drinks.

The beds are super comfortable and soft to sit on with plush pillows for you to enjoy. You can place your drinks on the sliding tables that stretch across the bed. There are also several floor chairs and a closet nook for you to sit in if you want a little more privacy. In addition to the unicorns and stuffed animals watching over the shop, there is a puppy in the shop as well which you are free to visit.

We spent about two hours at the cafe catching up and enjoying our food and drinks. It is always nice to explore a new theme cafe and the novelty, creativity and relaxed, and fun atmosphere of the cafe impressed us. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon if you have some free time in the Hankuk University area.

Hours of Melting Pom Bed Cafe Daily: 10:00 AM- 2:00 AM Instagram: