I’m not going to talk about the awesomeness and randomness of Korea’s animal cafes because that’s been done. Instead, I am going to briefly highlight my amazement in one particular café.

When you grow up in Canada you are basically taught that although raccoons may look cuddly and cute they are actually really mean, and you should never go near them. They steal things, they bite, they scratch, they claw and wild raccoons will go CRAZY if you get too close. In short, don’t ever trust a wild raccoon.

Given those childhood warnings, you could obviously understand my surprise when I found out Seoul had a raccoon café. Everything I believed was thrown out the window when I learned that these raccoons are domesticated and actually really nice. I was always taught to fear these little monsters, but the ones I met were adorable, funny, chubby and always hungry.

My friend, Matthew and I ventured to the Blind Alley Café, located near Ichon station, to play with these crazy little critters one night after work.

The café is super random but really cute. Along with the raccoons, they also have a dog. You can see the dog patrolling the café freely, and we were told he and the raccoons are the best of friends. When you arrive at the café you have to order something off of their menu,  and pay 6,000W to visit the raccoons.

We ordered the most delightful Oreo Fudge dessert. I’m not even kidding this Oreo fudge brownie topped off with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce was incredible. We washed that down with a cup of green tea, then, we were off to see our furry friends!

The raccoons are located in a separate room adjacent to the café. When we walked in one of the staff was feeding them some pieces of bread. They were rolling around and lounging on their shelves, reaching out from time to time for a nibble. They wore little bell collars, much like a cat would and they were chubby and lazy. It was really funny watching them. I learned that the raccoons also seem to really love ice. We were given a cup of ice and bread, and they went to town on it.

When the staff member caught the raccoon trying to break into her stash of bread she had to hide it and tell the raccoons they couldn’t have anymore because they ate too much already and were getting too fat.

Further Information About the Raccoon Cafe
Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Cheongpadong 2(i)-ga, Cheongpa-ro 47-gil, 76 02-701-6075 Open daily 9:30 am- 10:00 pm