I am always looking for new and interesting places to conduct my photo shoots. Sometimes I hear about new places through word of mouth, sometimes I find them through research and sometimes I just stumble upon them.

However, while planning a shoot with a friend of mine, Iyah Kim, she recommended we shoot at Passion 5, which is an upscale café, bakery, bar, and restaurant all in one.

When I arrived for the shoot I was overcome with excitement over this high end, European style bakery, and café. The first floor is the bakery where you can purchase an assortment of bakery items. They have cakes, tarts, rolls, bread, eclairs, muffins, pies, salads, mini pizzas and even soup in a bread bowl! You can also purchase some Italian gelato in a variety of flavours.

In pursuit of an artistic prop for our photo shoot, we decided to order the Snow White Apple cake. After our shoot, we indulged in it and I was hooked forever from that point on. The cake is decorated in the shape of an apple with a chocolate stem and leaf. It has a red glaze and the inside is full of creamy deliciousness. Once you get to the center of the cake you bite into a soft warm spiced apple. It was really incredible.

After we had selected a couple of baked goods we went up the stairs to the second floor to enjoy some coffee. The Floating Latte,  is an excellent coffee topped off with the most dense foam. The drink its light, with a hint of sweetness and it is incredibly smooth.

The second floor was really swanky and equipped with both a restaurant and bar. It is bright, with modern furniture, like white tables, and bright red lounge chairs. The décor is simple but modern. There are several mirrors and hanging lights dangling from the ceiling as well as large windows surrounding the exterior that overlook Itaewan.

There is a third floor that specializes in pizzas and pasta. However, we didn’t have a ton of time to explore the third floor because we needed to start the shoot.

Overall Passion 5 is an awesome place. As a café, and bakery it is outstanding, and it also makes for an excellent shooting location. The prices are kind of expensive, but it is worth it. It is a perfect location for you to enjoy a nice conversation with a couple of friends over coffee, or if you want to have a fancy meal in an upscale environment.

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