While galavanting around Incheon’s China town with So Jin we decided to try one Incheon’s most famous and historical foods, Jjajangmyun at Gong Hwa Chun.

 Jjajangmyun is a delicious Chinese/Korean fusion dish comprised of hand-pulled noodles made from wheat, baking soda, and water. The sauce is made from fried Cheungang, soy sauce, oyster sauce, meat, seafood, fragrants (scallions, ginger, garlic) and mixed vegetables such as onions, and cabbage. In addition, it is often topped off by julienned cucumbers, egg (boiled or fried), blanched shrimp or stir-fried bamboo slices. It is usually served with danmuji (yellow pickled radish), raw onions, and chunjung sauce for dipping
The dish  originated in northern China. However  it was adapted when Chinese people started to migrate to Korea Incheon became a leased territory on the Chinese Qing Dynasty in 1884.

One particular house is owned by an immigrant family from the Shandong Province of China. And is known to be the birthplace of modern Jjajangmyun. The restaurant opened over 100 years ago and the dish is as much loved today as it was then.

Gong Hwa Chun is decorated in Chinese fashion with bricks walls and a wooden trussed roof, and there is a courtyard in the back. The first two floors or the four-story building is the jjajang museum where you can go to learn all about the history of the dish.

So Jin and I decided to stop by after we finished checking out the fairy-tale village and try it out. We waited in a long line that stretched out into the street. Thankfully though, the line moved quickly and we only had to wait maybe 20 minutes. Once we were inside we were directed to the fourth floor where we ordered our meal.

The meal was really delicious. The sauce was thick and full of flavor, and the noodles were the perfect amount of softness.

I love  Jjajangmyun and it was really cool to eat at a restaurant that was so old and had so much history.

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