One thing Korea does seem to lack in is the abundance of a really good pie. Their cakes are spot on, their pastries, such as the ones from Passion 5, are delicious, but pie… sometimes it is hit or miss here. Perhaps its due to the lack of shortening or some other unknown reason. However, in my 5 years here, I have come across a couple of amazing pie places. However, My friends, last night I discovered The Lucy Pie shop located near Ichon station.

 The shop is inspired by the I Love Lucy television series and the pies are fantastic. I wondered in there late last night and was met by a smiling staff member. The café is pink and yellow and decorated with I love Lucy photos and trinkets. There is a wide selection of pies ranging from the cheesecake to chocolate mud pie, to meat pies.

There is also a small selection of teas and coffees from you to choose from. I settled on ordering a ginger tea, and an apple -cinnamon-crumble pie. I also purchased a chocolate mud pie and a blueberry cheesecake to take with me for later.

The staff member warmed up my pie for me and served me with an extra container of cookies because I “spoke Korean well” That added to my ego and made the experience even better.

The apple pie crust was flaky, the apple was hot and sweet, and the cinnamon made the perfect touch. The pie was outstanding. Later when I got home I had a bit of the mud pie, and I had to put it in the freezer to stop myself from eating it all in one sitting. It was so thick and creamy, but yet light and delicious.

I would have to say out of all the pie places I’ve tried, and there have been a lot, the Lucy Pie Shop ranks highest in my high-performance pie list. I would highly recommend you check it out.

More Information on the I Love Lucy Kitchen
Hours: 11:00 – 21:30
302-68, Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea