In my café adventures, I have come across some seriously awesome cafes…. flower cafes like Areate, cute cafes like the Line café, industrial cafes, and even princess cafes! However, last night I discovered my first café based on of one of my favourite tv shows.

One of my favourite things to watch online these days is Sherlock. I’m sorry but I’m kind of obsessed with Benedict Cumberland, so when I heard there was a café dedicated to the Sherlock series I was on that like a moth to a flame.

The café is located in the Apujeon district not far from Gagnam-gu station. It’s tucked away in the basement of some other offices so it can be easy to miss unless you know what you’re looking for. However, once you see the statue of Sherlock on an outdoor bench next to the café, you know you’ve met your mark.

The café is called 221B and it is full of Sherlock paraphernalia like magazines, books, coffee cups, and photographs. The walls are adorned with pictures of Cumberland in his Sherlock attire, and the coffee menu is distinguished by Watson’s choices and Sherlock’s choices.

However, since this cafe is in Korea, it throws you a curveball just for fun! Attached to the café is a small fashion catwalk lined with chairs and sophisticated lighting. Why? Because why not? You bet, we were on that runway joking around showing off our Sherlock inspired walks and poses.

There is also a second section attached to the café which is a fake living room. It has a chandelier and several couches and chairs for you to sit in and take photos of each other. It’s actually quite classy looking, the floor is tiled, there is a chandelier, and the walls are mirrored. There is also a giant selfie camera where you and your friends can take photos together.

Over than the novelty of being surrounded by Sherlock, the café was average, but it did make up for that by having a super random catwalk and living room to satisfy your photo taking needs.

Further Information About the 221B
 강남구 논현동 116-6, Seoul, South Korea 135-821
Subway: Gangnam-Gu Office Station, Exit 3
Hours:  M-F: 09:00-22:00, Sat: 10:00 – 21:00, Sun: Closed
Facebook: Cafe 221B