Although I do photoshoots at least once a week, it’s not very often that I get in front of the camera. If I do, it’s usually because I’m letting my photography students practice on me, or I’m testing something with lighting.

However, from time to time I will get in front of the lens, more or less to improve my skills, or if I need something done for my blog. I  think that getting in front of the lens can be important because it can substantially improve your own photography. First, it teaches you about photography from another perspective, and secondly, you can learn from the photographer you’re posing for.

This past week I had the pleasure of working with Igna Ryu. He is a talented photographer from South Korea who normally shoots landscapes but is now shifting his focus toward photographing people.

I really enjoy his use of colour and the composition of his shots. He uses a nice balance of colour, and contrasting tones to create some really interesting images. His framing has a way of making your curious about the environment of the shot, while not detracting from the focus of the subject.

We did a quick 30-minute shoot moving to about six different locations throughout Olympic Park. Igna is quite good at picking interesting places to shoot and gives pretty good directions in terms of posing.

Although the shoot was pretty quick we got some images that turned out pretty well. Even though I prefer my position behind the lens, it was fun to practice being in front of it for once.

Location of My Shoot With Inga Ryu
Olympic Park