My last Seoul adventure was wearing the hanbok around Seoul, which was awesome. However, I seem to have calmed down with the adventuring up until this weekend because I’ve been busy working on contracts, setting up shoots and reading when I get the chance. Mostly I’ve read hard copy books by Seth Godin, whom I love, but also I’ve been hooked on following Korean blogs recently.

Naver is a treasure trove of amazingness. Now that my Korean skills have developed enough, I’m obsessed with finding out what the Koreans are up to. They are always way more in the know than the expat community, so I like to follow them for inspiration and ideas on things to do in Seoul.

Since using the search engine, I have come across some really incredible cafes. This week I discovered Zapangi(자판기), a not-so-secret, secret café located in Mangwon-dong—a neighborhood that has several interesting cafes and restaurants. So on Saturday, Jennifer and I ventured out in the morning to check it out. The café’s door is disguised as a pink vending machine on a concrete wall. If you didn’t know about the café’s existence you would never expect there was one in there!

The interior is really cute, it’s decorated with a couple of plants and soft pillows on benches for you to sit on. Since it’s December, we welcomed the Christmas music and made ourselves comfortable. We decided to go with the Christmas theme and ordered some strawberry Santa Lattes. We also purchased a really cute Santa donut and a tall buttercream Christmas tree cake. Although we were quite happy with our delicious choices, we were unable to finish them because it was just wayyyyyy too sweet so early in the day.

The café became extremely busy and people who were just arriving were having trouble getting seats. We reveled in the fact that we both adamantly follow our traveling mantra of “go early.”

In fact, the café is such a novelty that people walk along that street specifically to get photos of this place. As we were leaving we had to dodge about 15 people that were outside the café waiting to get photos and to pose with the door. You actually have to be a little careful when you’re leaving the café to not hit people with the door as you leave.

We really enjoyed this cafe. The ambiance, the food, the drinks, and the novelty all presented a charm that we haven’t found elsewhere. I think that if we have time, we’d both like to return for another visit.

All shots taken used the Canon EOS 70D Camera and Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens
Hours Open Daily 10am-11pm
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