Japan is such a beautiful country. I have been there a couple of times now and for such a small nation I am always surprised at how the country differs from region to region. I absolutely love Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto but all for different reasons. But one thing that those cities have in common is that they are international cities with loads of tourism. Don’t get me wrong I love to indulge in tourist activities from time to time but I also like to get out of the tourist run and see things that are specific to what the locals see and do on a daily basis.  

My boyfriend was stationed in northern Japan for some time and with me being in South Korea it was only natural that we would try to find a way to celebrate Christmas together. I managed to have some time off in late November so I hopped across “the pond” for a three-day weekend. I left after work on Friday night and landed in Tokyo around 9pm. From there I went downtown and found a capsule hotel. But I will do a blog on that later which you can find here.

After spending the night in Tokyo I got up at 5am and headed to the airport and caught my flight to Misawa, which is located in Aomori Prefecture and is on the northern tip of the main island of Japan. I was super excited to see Craig when he picked me up at the airport, and I was also really excited to see that there was snow everywhere! Anyone who knows me knows that I really love winter and snow. In Korea we get some, but usually only in the countryside and but we don’t see it in the city all that often.

My trip was short and sweet but Craig managed to show me around quite a bit. First, he introduced me to the best Ramen I’ve ever had, or eaten since… and I eat a lot of Ramen. The shop is called Thunder Ramen. Nothing in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto rivaled it either.
The traditional dish was made in the shop where the broth is simmered for hours until perfection.

Over the weekend we also managed to celebrate Christmas (even though a few weeks early) by exchanging a couple of gifts and enjoying a traditional sushi meal. It was seriously delicious. Obviously, no one does sushi better than Japan.

We managed to take a day trip up to Airmail and Hirosaki. The scenery in northern Japan is absolutely gorgeous. There are many trees and few high rises so you get a really nice view of the sky. It’s really quiet and you can see some beautiful lakes and forests. You’re also very close to the sea. Also, the temperature is cool and there are not many people. In the cities, there are various gardens, temples, castles, and shrines, which are really nice to visit for a day.

If you get a chance, to go up to the north for a few days I would highly recommend it. It’s beautiful and serene, especially if you are a winter person like myself and prefer cooler temperatures.

If you have any questions or comments are always feel free to leave them below.

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