Today I was in Gagnam to meet up with a friend, Megan (You should check out her channel here). We had a really nice visit and it was great to catch up considering we don’t get to see each other too often. It was also nice to have a reason to head down to Gagnam. I’m not there often, but there is always a ton of stuff to do and I had a list of cafes to check out.

I decided to check out Arriate. It is a fresh herb teahouse located near Yeoksam Station. After Megan had to leave to go film I headed over there to see what it was about. The café is very cute, and full of fresh flowers, and it smells amazing inside! It’s also decorated with vines and antiques dotted along the shelves and side tables. It really looks like a Victorian style garden. It’s beautiful.

Since we are into the middle of November the café is also decorated with Christmas trees, lights and other holiday decorations. Normally I don’t appreciate anything Christmas related until December 1, but because the café was so charming and cute I decided to let that slide.

There is a wide variety of tea to choose from at the café. I decided to go with the Lemon Citron tea. It came in a large clear teacup, and on a cute tray decorated with an adorable yellow flower.

Arriate was a really charming café, and it was a really nice way to spend an hour enjoying the fresh scent of flowers and the nice ambiance.