As I have said many times before, one of the things I really enjoy about my work is that I get to meet such interesting people. This past weekend I was extremely lucky to be able to collaborate with British blogger, Fiona Cridland.

We decided to meet up on Saturday morning for a nice shoot at the Ihwa Mural Village here in Seoul. Afterwards, we checked out the Princess Diary Cafe, which you can learn about here. Ihwa village is a hilltop neighbourhood near Dongdaemun station. It is a really great place to shoot because there are several murals that decorate the walls of the buildings in the village.

I really like this location because the murals give you an interesting look due of the pop of colour in an otherwise gritty atmosphere. Since the village is also high up in the hills of Seoul you have a fantastic view of Namsan Tower, as well as the city below.

We were able to get some wonderful shots. In addition to having a fantastic and very interesting blog, Fiona is a seasoned model. Her expertise in fashion is evident as she chose lovely muted colours which worked with our setting perfectly. Since Fiona’s outfit was more in the muted tones, I decided to add pops of colour and look for interesting backdrops to balance out the shot. The mural village was the perfect location.

We ended up shooting with the Canon 35mm 2.8 lens which was also perfect. The lens was versatile and allowed for a lot of light. I really liked using this lens because of its wide angle, allowing me to capture both Fiona and the background. The lens was also really handy for shooting portraits. I switched on and off between that lens and the 50mm and we were able to get some really great stuff.

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