When you are a Canadian living abroad there are always things that you miss from home. For me, aside from the obvious, family and friends, I miss the snow, and good Ol’ Canadian cuisine. Many people may be asking “What is Canadian cuisine?” That’s a topic for another post, but we do have a unique cuisine. It may be infused with many other cuisines, but we do have one.
This particular weekend my Canadian friend and I were craving a taste of home.

In our past five years in Korea we had been on the hunt for authentic tasting poutine in Seoul. We had found a few, but none of them measured up to the real deal from Canada. This was mostly because the cheese was not real curds, or the gravy was not peppery enough.
Recently, we had caught wind of a new place called ‘Oh Poutine’. In the pursuit of finding the perfect poutine we were off to settle our gastronomic craving.

The shop is small and in the backstreets of Itaewan. Upon arrival we were amazed by the variety of options, there are even Canadian beers, and  Canada Dry aswell! There are even a couple of Koreanized versions of poutine including ones topped with rice cakes and mayo. After talking to the owner we learned that she is a young Korean-Canadian from Vancouver and being an expert in her field, she makes the cheese curds from scratch.

Jennifer opted for the bacon poutine and I went with the good old original. Upon our first bite we immediately recognized the taste of the Canadian dish.The gravy is peppery. The cheese is squeeky and the fries are crisp. We were in poutine heaven. Since this rendition of gastronomic bliss we have since then returned twice, and will probably be back again.

 Menu Photo Credit: Toronto Star
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