After being in Japan several times I am obsessed with Japanese ramen. However, since I am not in Japan all the time, I am on an eternal quest to find ramen that levels up to the quality I’ve had in Japan. And let’s be real, as the seasons change to fall and winter there is nothing more satisfying than beasting a bowl of hot, spicy, delicious ramen to keep you warm.

In Seoul I have tried three or four different ramen houses and I think I may have found one that is on par with authentic ramen in Japan. Its broth is thick, full of flavour and simmered to perfection.

The name of the ramen house is Umaido and it is located at Konkuk Univeristy near exit 2. I should warn you though, the shop is only open between 12:00pm-2:00pm and then again between 5:00pm-9:00pm. I would recommend that you come early, as I’ve seen line-ups that take about an hour to get in.

The shop is decorated in a Japanese fashion, with an open window to the kitchen and some stools lined up against the shelf for you to sit at while you eat. There are several tables and chairs as well. The room is lit with low light and simple Japanese decorations adorn the shop.

You can order two kinds of ramen, original or spicy, both are tonkotsu based, and both are delicious. I opted to go for the spicy ramen. It was so thick and the meat was succulent and so filling. I left the shop feeling happy and full, and of course I will be returning again for more!