Before I moved to Seoul I didn’t really have much of an interest in cafes. But something has happened in my 5 years in Asia and suddenly I’m into ALL of them, including the cutesy cafes. Thankfully café culture is HUGE in Korea.

 The unique thing about Korea is that they have every kind of café you could dream of. Cafes like airplane cafes, blind cafes, sheep, raccoon, meerkat cafes, toilet bowl cafes, flower cafes, and every-kind-of theme cafe you can think of. Everything you could possibly imagine exists in the vast café culture of Seoul. I will probably be posting more and more about the random ones I go to, but this week we decided to go to the Line Café.

The café is a theme café centred around the emoticons of a Japanese social networking system called, Line. It’s a house inside the store that is decorated in the Line theme. There is a kitchen, a music room, and a living room. All where you can go to partake in the most favoured Korean past-time, picture taking. People lined up at each section of the house to take photos with the adorable emoticons. Of course, we had to share the experience as well.

After we had our fill of taking ridiculous photos with the characters we headed up to the third floor where the actual café is. Being Canadians we were ecstatic about the fact that they had maple flavoured coffee and maple ice cream. We opted for the later and they poured piping hot expresso overtop of our ice cream, which was delicious.

The café was a really fun experience and I feel like it’s a right of passage while in Asia. You have to experience the cutesy cafes and the ridiculous obsession to take photos with all of the adorable characters.

I will be posting more about my café experiences here, so please stay tuned for more.
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Here is the address to the Line Cafe in Itaewan.