As I have said many times before, Seoul doesn’t really have nature or many green spaces within the city. However, there are green rice fields, mountain, and immense flower gardens on the outskirts, like in Nari Park.

I really try to get out of the city and spend some time in nature as much as I can, so I am always looking for new places to explore. One place I came across was the Nari Park flower festival (양주나리공원) The festival takes place every autumn just north of Seoul, usually around the Chuseok period.

This year, the festival fell over Chuseok but we decided to go at the end.  As many of you know, I really dislike large crowds and try to avoid them at all costs. Furthermore, I wouldn’t have been able to go at that time anyway because I was way too busy with my photography work, and a few other projects.

We had decided to take public transit to the park, which is about 2 hours north of Seoul. We left at around 11 am and first went to Suyu Station on line 4. From there we took the 118 bus for about 1 hour and a half and got off at Nari Park.

When we arrived at the park we were met with beautiful green and yellow rice paddies. In the fall they turn this amazing colour of green and yellow and they just glow. It’s really rather miraculous.
As we walked along the dirt road a little further we saw fields and fields of beautiful, colourful flowers that seemed endless.  There were red patches, and white patches and pink patches, and violet!

Everywhere you look there are people taking photos. It’s hard not to, the area is really gorgeous and there are so many nice colours. As a matter of fact, there are imprints in the patches where you see people have created their own photo shoot spots. The flowers are trampled down a little in areas where people would go into the thick to get their chosen shots.

There are walkways between each flower patch so you can get from place to place easily. These paths are lined with vendors selling everything from Bondegi to ice cream, to cotton candy and even grilled meat and octopus.

Considering the park is only about 1.,5 hours north of Seoul and relatively easy to get to it made for a really nice day trip. We were gone for most of the day and returned to the city at a decent hour. If you have a chance to get up there this fall, or next I would recommend making the trip.




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