Seoul is a thriving metropolis where anything you can think of is available. It is a bright, vibrant, bustling city that never sleeps. There is always something you can do in this city. There is always something amazing, weird or outright ridiculous for you to do at all hours.

One place my friend, Jennifer and I discovered was the Urban Space/ Urban Source bar, café and restaurant.. Jennifer and I both love finding the most random and interesting things to do, so this was right up our alley. This location also serves as a fantastic spot for photos. I may come back and do some of my photography work here in the future.

This enterprise is a converted warehouse, and the outside is lined with barbwire, which one can only assume dates back to the Korean War. However, today the barbwire is decorated with white Christmas lights, so you upon walking up to the building you know you’re ready for an experience. When you walk to the front doors you are met with neon signs and bright lights.

First you walk into the café, which is a large wooden panneled area with warehouse beams and artistic lights spanning across the ceiling. We spent a couple of moments taking photos before moving into the restaurant.

The restaurant is high end, and a little pricey, but the food is incredible. There is a western style bar, and wooden tables and chairs for you to dine at. We opted to try the Beef Brisket salad, and the Aioli pasta. Both we absolutely amazing, we were both astounded at how good the dishes were. Sometimes in Korea, western food is not done that well, but these dishes were top notch. For both dishes it cost each of us around 20,000 Won, or about $20 USD.

We continued to wonder around the buildings taking some photos. Being Korea, it didn’t shock us that they sold makeup and face care products at a restaurant. There was also a nice place to touch up your makeup just inside the garden… again not surprising, given it is Korea, but it was a nice touch.

They have a beautiful garden with white candles sitting on each table. There are trees and flowers everywhere, and if it hadn’t been so chilly we probably would have opted to sit outside. The whole setting is gorgeous. They also have a rooftop patio. We didn’t get a chance to check it out because we decided to look for it as we were leaving and unfortunately it was closed at that point. However, given that our apartments are not far we plan to return and spend an afternoon out there before it gets too cold.
Our next stop was the ball pit. It was an interesting experience. When you walk in you are met with club music and flashing neon lights. It’s almost a club setting, but there is not dance floor. There are more tables lining a small pool filled with plastic balls with people lounging in swan tubes and taking photos.
We got a table and ordered a couple of Mojitos. Clearly the space is based on novelty so the prices were a little high. I think we paid 13,000 won for each Mojioto. However, they were really delicious and worth the price.

The ball pit was a fun experience. Of course we took some pictures, purely for the novelty of it all. As we sipped out drinks we watched some of the other patrons play fighting, and taking selfies. Overall it was an enjoyable experience.

We both agreed that we will definitely be returning to visit the restaurant and café again. We thought the ball pit was fun, but that was a one time deal for us, it’s fun but we didn’t have to do that again.

More Information about Urban Source