It doesn’t matter if you have been living under a rock for the last 5 years but e you’ve heard of King’s Landing.

I have just begun my journey of watching Game of Thrones so although I understood the context, I didn’t have quite the same connection with “Kings Landing” as many people do. However, Craig is an avid fan of the show and he was able to explain most things to me, which I appreciated.

The locals have very much embraced the existence of Game of Thrones in their city and accepted that ‘Kings Landing’ and ‘Dubrovnik’ are pretty much synonymous. During the winter it brings in a great deal of income for them, and also provides some unique stories and experiences with celebrities.

In fact, the locals have developed a tour for the avid fans. Being in ‘Kings Landing’ we were both curious to experience the tour. Even me, who doesn’t know a lot about GOT was excited to hop on board the Karaka!

The tour started roughly at 6 pm just before sunset. You have to go to the second port in Dubrovnik to start the tour on the Karaka. Once on board, the ship departs and you get a free glass of fruit punch. It is a nice touch considering how hot it is there.

The crew invites you to go to the main deck where you can try on the costumes. Of course, we took advantage of this.

After trying on the costumes, we enjoyed the view of the rocky coastline.

The cruise lasts about 40 minutes and you return to the old port. Once the ship docks you once again get off the boat and are split into 2 large groups. Each group has approximately 25 people in it.

This is where the in-depth tour begins. The tour guides take you around the walled city explaining where important scenes took place. They also provide photographs of the scenes so you can see the CGI that was implemented to create what we see in the show. As a photographer, this was pretty interesting for me because I love to see the artistry and development behind the scenes.

The first stop we took was to sit on the throne. They lead you up a narrow street.Then you go into a tiny store 4 people at a time. Once you go in you can sit on the throne and have your picture taken. The store also has GOT memorabilia for you to purchase should you choose.

The tour lasts about 1.5 hours, and you walk to about 10 different places in the city. The tour was informative about how the locals view the series and the behind the scenes work. Most of the locals seem quite proud that GOT was filmed in their town.

Overall the tour had some interesting! components, but we found that traveling in such large groups was a little difficult. From time to time it was difficult to hear, and see the pictures the guide was holding up. As photographer and artist, I found parts of the tour interesting. However, if you are not an avid fan, I could see how some people may not be as interested.

We were both happy we did the tour because it was an experience. It allowed us to learn more about the series, but we both agreed that it probably wouldn’t be something we repeat again.





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