There are several interesting things to do in Dubrovnik. However, one of the highlights (no pun intended) is going up to Mount Srdj. This is a mountain that overlooks the old city of Dubrovnik. It is approximately 412 meters high and is adorned with Fort Imperial, which was built during the Napoleonic Period. The mountain was once forested which locals called “Dubrava” which means Oak Tree. Dubrovnik was often in competition with the Venetians to build the best ships, of which oak was always used. The deforestation due to shipbuilding combined with numerous forest fires has left the mountain pretty depleted of trees.

Today when looking up, the mountain looks pretty barren, except for the fort and the large white cross that sits on top of the mountain. However, if you decide to go up to the summit, you won’t be disappointed.

The scenery at the stop is absolutely stunning. You can see for miles and miles and on most days it is surrounded with clear blue skies. The colours from the city below are vibrant and you can really see Kings Landing (…I mean Dubrovnik) from an aerial viewpoint.
From the top of the mountain you can get a panoramic view of the old city. You can see the old walls, the harbour and see the beautiful blue colour of the Adriatic Sea. You also have a great view of Lokram Island and you can watch the tourists make an attempt to kayak toward it. Which can be both funny and inspiring.

As I have probably mentioned several times before, Dubrovnik is extremely hot. As a matter of fact, the heat inside the city can be quite stifling, especially with so many people wandering around in an enclosed area. One of the first benefits of  the summit is that at a higher altitude the temperature is slightly cooler and you can be the recipient of the gentle breeze that isn’t always existent within the walls of the city.
We had been told by several local people the best time to go to the top is sunset. We were interested in going up for Twilight, but we worried about the number of tourists who would have the exact same idea we did. The platform at the top is not very big so we decided to go up in the late afternoon and enjoy the view with clear blue skies.

There are two options you can take to get to the top of Mount Srdj. If you are a trooper you can hike it, which would take approximately 1.5 hours and it would be free of charge. Or, if you are like me, lazy, hate the heat and sweating, you can opt to take the cable car. The cable car comes approximately every 15 minutes and costs roughly 20 Euro for a round trip. The cable car was worthwhile, not only because if saves you the hassle of climbing up, but you get a pretty interesting view on the way up as well.

Once we got to the top we enjoyed the view for about an hour. We explored, took some photographs and then decided to have a drink at the lovely restaurant located at the summit.

The restaurant is called Panorama Restaurant It has several levels of patios, all shaded by umbrellas that overlook the old city. We ordered a couple of drinks and some side dishes to snack on. The drinks were cold and the grilled vegetables and potatoes we ordered were delicious. We stayed there for roughly two hours just enjoying the scenery and sipping our drinks.

If you were traveling to Dubrovnik I would highly recommend visiting the summit of Mount Srdj. It doesn’t look like anything exciting from the bottom, but the view from the summit is really quite nice. I am quite sure the scenery at sunset would be spectacular, but as a couple that goes to great lengths to avoid crowds, we were very satisfied with our afternoon venture. Overall, we both found it to be an enjoyable way to spend a few hours of our afternoon.

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