Many of you online can see that I am into photography and travelling. However, you may not know that I am a MAJOR foodie as well. I love food. I enjoy learning about it, preparing it, and of course eating it. Luckily for me, this goes hand in hand with photography and travel!

When I travel, I try to learn about and test out all the local foods. I can never understand how some people have no desire to try new foods when they travel. New food really is the spice of life! Not only that but it gives you an understanding of the culture and life of the people from the area you are travelling to. It’s such an important part of history and culture, and I feel strongly that it should be at least sampled.

When I am in a new location, I always try to do either a food tour, or a cooking class. I think it is one of the best ways to try several new kinds of food, and also learn more about it.

While we were travelling in Dubrovnik we decided to do a food tour with Ana Turkalj from Dubrovnik Food Story. We were so glad we did this tour because it was fascinating and the food was all absolutely delicious. We actually ranked it as one our favourite things we did in Dubrovnik.

Ana was an excellent tour guide. She was prepared, knowledgeable, friendly, and you can see her love of history and of Croatia’s cuisine.

I have done food tours in several countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam Myanmar and Cambodia. All were absolutely wonderful, but Ana’s stood out in particular.
Ana combined the food tour with a walk throughout the walled city, explaining important parts of Dubrovnik’s history. There were several interesting facts we learned form her. Her tour also included different restaurants that cater to different levels of dining. We sampled food from casual restaurants, food from high-end restaurants, local street food, and traditional desert cafes.

We were taken to four different restaurants and given a sample of the local food, which was also paired with a local wine. The first place we went to was called ‘Marco Polo’ where we sampled some of some Croatia’s staple appetizers. There were fresh oysters from Mali Ston Bay, fresh goat cheese, arugula, tuna prosciutto on bruschetta, fresh & marinated salted anchovies kept in oak barrels for 16 months  and white local wine called “Rukatac”.


It was all so delicious, had I had extra time in Dubrovnik I would have returned for more!

The second place we went to was called Restaurant Kopun. This was a higher end restaurant. This place allowed us to sample some Dalmatian prosciutto, smoked ham from the continental part of Croatia, tuna tartar, octopus salad, kopun (rooster) spread with black truffle and blue fish salad and local red wine.


The third place was my absolute favourite. It was so good actually, that we went back the next day and ordered it again! This restaurant was called Babar.

It is a local street food restaurant that specializes in making street seafood dishes. Here we were able to try an Octopus Burger and Croatian beer “Karlovačko. It was absolutely delicious.

What’s interesting about Babar is that it is a small place, but it gets so packed with people that they provide pillows so that you can sit on the street stairs outside the shop.


Ana explained that the food is so popular that locals go there before they go out to bars or to just catch up with friends. It may sound strange to some people, but you cannot be disappointed by this octopus burger, and unless someone told you, you wouldn’t even know you’re eating Octopus.

Our our concluded with a trip to a traditional cake shop where we sampled some traditional Croatian cakes, coffee and a shot of Dubrovnik’s specialty liquor. We sampled the chocolate mousse cake, and the Almond, cranberry traditional cake. Both were fantastic. The traditional cake has a sweet, and smooth taste that was almost refreshing in a way, and the chocolate mousse cake was so decadent and thick that I salivate thinking about it.

The food tour with Ana was one of our favourite things that we did in Dubrovnik. On her own time, she even helped us get a taxi and negotiated a fair price for us with the driver. She was outstanding and I highly recommend that you book a tour with her if you are ever in Dubrovnik. You won’t be disappointed. For more pictures and information, your can also check out Dubrovnik food Story’s Instragram page here.

For more information about things to do in Dubrovnik, follow me, and my next blog! And as always “ May the wind be at your back, the sun upon your face, and may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance among the stars”

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