One of the reasons I enjoy photography so much is because it taps into my inherent curiosity and desire to explore new places. I have made a commitment to myself to be shooting every weekend. This can be paid shoots, collaborations, street photography, or just generally shooting interesting things that I come across. The goal is to find a new place, new concept and new people to photograph every weekend. Luckily for me, Seoul is a bustling mega city with endless places and things to explore.

A couple of weeks ago I had a particularly interesting collaboration. I had heard through the grape vine of an abandoned amusement park in Seoul. Naturally, I was curious and did some research and discovered Yongma Land Amusement Park. It was an amusement park in Seoul that was abandoned in the 1980’s. Everything is retro and it is the perfect combination or joy and melancholy. It’s colorful and falling apart. Basically a photographer’s dream.

A professional model from Norway named Embla, had contacted me. She suggested we collaborate and had requested some bright and colourful photos to add to her modelling portfolio. I knew just the place we could go. Sometimes the stars just really do align!

We met at Mangu station around 10am on Sunday and ventured out into the Korean summer heat to find the amusement park. It was only about a 15-minute walk from the station. As we neared the park we had to go up a steep hill. Once we got to the entrance we met the friendly gate attendant and he let us into the park. We were both pretty hot after the trek, but we took a few minutes to cool off and take a look at our surroundings.

We were both excited about the colours at the park; they were so vibrant and fun!

We had several concepts we tried out, and shot for about 3 hours.


Embla is a fantastic to work with. She is professional, fun, and you can see that she is a talented and experienced model immediately. She seemed to have a way of knowing what I was thinking and always provided me with great shots.

We took a break around noon to get out of the hot sun and to rehydrate and eat something. After that, it was back to shooting again. We shot for about another hour, and played with some of the props available at the park.



By about 1pm, both of us blonde and pale skinned, were starting to burn and overheat. As Embla had to catch a flight we decided to call it a day.



Overall, it was an awesome day, and I’ll be working with Embla again for sure in the future. If you are interested in hiring her for a shoot, you won’t be disappointed. You can find her Instagram Account here. 

If you have any questions about how to get to this shooting location feel free to contact me.